Social Media Marketing Survey 2018Howdy Social Media Enthusiast,

Thanks for showing interest in the survey.

We know that you are a social media enthusiast and are as passionate about it as we are : ). Well, it’s time to contribute to the larger interest of the social media marketing community and at the same time get chances to win exciting offers.

We, at The iMarketing Café, have always strived to bring unique, refreshing and insightful content to our readers. This is our latest attempt to bring out a content that would be useful for our readers and social media community at large – we are today releasing the link to a social media marketing survey which contains questions related to businesses and how they utilize social media for business growth. You can access the survey here

We are hereby inviting you (someone who has been using social media effectively for your or clients’ business growth ) to take part in the survey and help us to bring a really useful content packed with interesting findings and facts which will help the social media marketing community at large.

We are not asking for this favor for free. When you take part in this survey, you get a chance to win any of the following offers. The details are given below:

Offer 1:

2 lucky winners will be eligible to get their business/product reviewed for free which will be published on the upcoming brand new, revamped version of the this website – or you may opt to get your (if you are a business owner or C-level executive) or any of your C-level executive’s interview published on

Additionally, you get the right to get your ad banner displayed on top right corner of this website (upcoming revamped version of this website) which will be displayed across several pages including home page for free for 30 days.

You also get a chance to get featured in our upcoming video series wherein your knowledge sharing video ( any topic related to digital marketing ) will displayed on home page of the website.

Offer 2:

5 lucky winners will be eligible for the following offer – you get the right to get your ad banner displayed on top right corner of this website ( upcoming revamped version of this website ) for free for 15 days or get your prominent text ad displayed across category pages or article pages across the website for free for 15 days.

Offer 3:

10 lucky winners will be eligible for the following offer – you get the right to get your text ad displayed across category pages or article pages across the website for free for 10 days.

Note: we are in the process of revamping our current website and the brand new website will be an upgraded version of this website and your ads/posts will be published on the revamped version. As we launch the revamped version of this website (most probably by the first week of August 2018), we will heavily promote it, so if you turn out to be a lucky winner, your ads/posts published on this website will gain high visibility.

Winners will be chosen randomly through a lucky draw.

Terms and Conditions

1. Links to your websites in product/business review will be ‘nofollowed’ as the post will be considered as ‘sponsored’ or ‘advertorial’. Links to your website in interview post will not be ‘nofollowed’

2. We reserve the right to reject any link to any website, from interview content or review post, which we may feel as a bad or poor quality website.

3. Ad slots will be allotted anytime within 180 days from the date of announcement of the winners depending on the availability of the ad slots. You’ll be informed before your ads go live. Ad slots may be provided to you on rotational basis too.

4. Interview will be done through email only. Interview questions will be drafted by our team only. Participant cannot suggest us to include any questions as per his or her preference. Similarly, product/business review will be unbiased and written by our team based on our research and inputs given by you. However, Interview content or review content will go live only when the final draft is reviewed and accepted by both the parties. We reserve the right to not to publish it in case of any dispute or disagreement.

5. Decision on when to publish an interview or review or to display ads of the winners will be taken by team. But it will not take more than 180 days to fulfill the offers.

6. Any business or product you want to get reviewed as part of the offer should be related to digital marketing. As far as interview is concerned, you or the person (and associated business) you want us to interview can be from other industry but in the interview the person should talk more about the digital efforts taken by the business or company to promote the same and less about their industry (opportunity will be given to briefly talk about the business and product), so questions will be drafted accordingly.

7. Any ad that promotes racism, violence, drugs, sex, pornography or banned substances or weapons or any other things that we may find unsuitable to be promoted on our website will not be displayed on our website. Final decision on this matter rests with Team.

8. In case of any dispute or disagreement with respect to the redeeming the offers, will amicably discussed and settled by both the parties based on reasonable compromise. However, we reserve the right to cancel the offer anytime if we feel the winner’s demand is unreasonable or against the interest of our website or readers. Final decision regarding the same rests with team.

9. Your email id will never share with any third party. We’ll never Spam you, but you may occasionally receive any update from us such as an upcoming survey or a must-read expert columns etc.

10. The survey results will be published tentatively in August 2018.

By: The iMarketing Cafe Team