Sometimes even the most reputable PPC search engines face the problem of fraudulent clicks. They put quite an effort into protecting their clients from click scam. Take Google, for example. About a month ago it acquired with the aim of improving efficiency of Google advertising. is a quite successful fraud- fighting company: last year it discovered Chameleon – the botnet that caused 6.2 million advertising dollars to be wasted on bot clicks. Monthly.

Advertisers are the ones who suffer the most in this case. As networks get their profit even with malicious publisher websites, some of them don’t want to invest their time into fighting against click fraud. So how can you recognize the network that actually cares?

There are a few features that distinguish a quality network. A reliable network would apply third party fraud protection solutions (or it has its own technology to fight invalid clicks), and it would implement techniques like IP filtering and URL blocking to minimize the risk of fraud clicks slipping through. More on these in the next paragraphs.

CPC Networks

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Overview of major click fraud protection systems

Here is the list of the most popular fraud prevention systems. If a CPC network features some of these, that’s a good reason to start advertising with them. By the way, in case you are a big-sized publisher or an advertising agency running numerous campaigns, you may yourself apply a fraud reporting solution. This way you’ll have a chance to apply for a refund with your network, if you have a proof that their clicks are fraudulent.

What is being offered
Who can use
Fraud prevention solution, Click traffic
quality management solution, Click Forensics, Adometry score
Advertisers, Networks, Publishers, Brands
Examples: REACH Network, Ezanga, AdOn Network, DataXu, KeyMedia Solutions
USA and Israel
Fraud prevention solution,
large data base of captured fraud
Advertising networks
Examples: Ezanga, Geary LSF Group Inc, AdOn Network
Double Verify
Fraud prevention solution
(Pre-bid decisioning)
DSPs, SSPs, Networks, Exchanges
Examples: Blinkx (Media Platform)
Integral Ad Science
Fraud preventing solution, TRAQ score Media websites, Advertising agencies
Examples: Blinkx (Media Platform), AdMedia
Fraud reporting solution,
studies and research
Exchanges, DSPs, SSPs, Audience measurement platforms

Some networks have the experience and the expertise to develop their own solutions fighting click scam. The example is AdOn Safeguard developed by AdOn Network. In addition to Fraudlogix and Adometry, the network applies 17-point inspection for each advertising campaign that they run.

Other fraud prevention techniques

In addition to applying third-party controls, networks themselves may implement tools that can contribute to the traffic quality. Try to find a pay per click network that implements blocking and filtering controls like URL filtering, IP blocking and visitor targeting based on traffic parameters.

IP blocking implies that you may apply blocklists of IPs for which malicious traffic has been detected. Many of these blocklists are available for free.

URL/Source blocking: If you have doubts about clicks coming from particular URLs or sources (a number of URLs provided by a single publisher), there is an option to block them in some PPC Networks.

Visitor targeting based on traffic parameters allows paying exclusively for the clicks that brought visitors that feature the preset parameters.Like, you may only pay for visitors that view at least two pages on your website. Although some robots are able to emulate human behavior, filtering visitors according to traffic parameters still makes it possible to keep away a lot of bots.

To sum up

Ideally, the network’s website should contain all the information about click fraud protection that you require. Do not hesitate to turn to the support team, if something remains unclear. Also check what requirements the network sets for its publishers.

It never kills to spend a few hours looking for a reliable network. In the end you’ll be rewarded with a fraud-free advertising solution that is cost-effective and impactful.

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