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Live video streaming has recently become a rage across the world like never before – thanks to periscope for generating interest in live video streaming among the general public – earlier live streaming platforms ( mostly paid ) had been used by only specific groups for business meetings or events. The Twitter-owned periscope provides free service and has gained immense popularity compared to any other live video streaming platforms which were launched in the past, thus live video streaming has become a popular web activity among the general public like never before.

As Live video streaming has been becoming a popular web activity, Facebook and YouTube too joined the party by launching Facebook Live and YouTube Connect respectively ( Though YouTube Live was launched way back it was not accessible to the general public till recently ).

Dan Petrovic, Director of DEJAN MarketingDan Petrovic is widely-known search marketer, web author, event speaker and the managing director of DEJAN Marketing, an Australia-based search marketing company. Dan is also an adjunct professor at Griffith University, Australia and a chairman of the Industry Advisory Board for the Department of Marketing.

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Quick Introduction: FirstSiteGuide is a platform that offers free resources, guides and help for web newbies. If you are a newbie blogger or someone who is looking forward to start blogging – either as a hobby or to grow your business or you may want to take up blogging as a career – whatever the reason may be – these guys can guide you on how to start and manage a blog successfully. In this post, the FirstSiteGuide team shares 45 useful blogging tips for beginners or newbies.

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Brian Patterson ORM ExpertBrian Patterson is a widely-known Online Reputation Management Consultant, Author and Speaker. He is also the co-founder of GoFishDigital, a Washington DC-based Online Branding Firm. Brian has helped individuals and firms protect their brand reputation and also resolve complex ORM issues.

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