Google wages war against spam; its continuous effort towards better user experience is evident from the number of updates and tweaks that it has been carrying out for the last couple of years, some of the major ones include Google Caffeine ( though technically its not an update but Google’s new web indexing system , its widely known as an update ), social signals, Farmer/Panda update ( followed by rollout of various versions ), Freshness update, Search+ your world, +1 buttons, Parked domain bug, recently rolled out penguin and the latest one ‘ April 52-pack’ ( 52 minor updates ). All these updates have been a great set back for the spammers and black-hat SEO practitioners who have always been managed to get desired results. Though still the questionable practices continue and even delivering results at times, the few recent updates have been successful in greatly improving the quality of the search results. In the months to come, Google will leave SEOs with the only option that’s ‘white-hat’, Google’s spam cop Matt Cutts even suggested ‘No SEO’. Now the questions arise; what’s actually white-hat? , how much of optimization can SEOs really do to stay in the race? Can we expect quick results anymore? What works and what doesn’t? With so many questions to be answered, let’s discuss some of the important SEO issues, best practices, ways to survive and some insights.