Should CEO be the public face of the company? The answer is yes. World famous former CEOs Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jack Welch had all been the face of their respective companies. People recognized them and that immensely helped them to add value to the companies they led.

He says “if you get your face and your name out there enough; people will start to recognize you”. Being visible helps you a lot of in terms of brand promotion, awareness, recall and more. This widely recognized, flamboyant CEO can literally do anything to grab attention and be in the lime light. He has thrown himself off tall buildings, hung off bridges and chopper, taken deep sea drives, and has had tea on the top of a hot-air balloon. He once drove tanks into Times Square and fired at the coke’s signboard (a publicity stunt which was part of the promotional campaign during the launch of Virgin cola). Yes, it’s none another than Sir Richard Branson, best known as the founder, CEO and chairman of Virgin Group of more than 400 companies. (Excerpts and references from Like a Virgin and Cult )

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I want to quickly cover Google+. As many of you know, Google+ has become an integral part of Google search results. One of the important contributions of Google+ to Google search is the ‘authorship’ verification. Google fetches photographs from Google+ accounts to place into search results. For instance, if we search for some kind of technology term, such as ‘android ice cream sandwich’, we’ll find that a number of the search results have pictures next to them, photographs of the authors.

These photos help the items to stand out in the search results, may help with some branding for the authors, and are quite likely to increase click-through rates on the results.


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There is much talk about the role of social media in the world of SEO. The importance of social media and how they will overlap with the traditional link building has become one of the most discussed topics among the SEO professionals.

Even though there is no simple answer for this question, the answer is most probably no. Since recently social signals have played an important role in the Google algorithms. And some SEO companies have already started new methods to build these links automatically.

Content StrategyEvery organisation is different, we all operate in different environments and we all have different goals. So everyone’s ideal content strategy will be unique, but in order for us to understand what content strategies work and which do not, we can look at some of the core components of content strategies that successful organisations share.

The first is clearly defining your goals and objectives knowing what keywords you have researched and chosen to target what your audience are looking for and ultimately what you want them to do when they get to your site is the foundation of everything that you will do.