Sometimes even the most reputable PPC search engines face the problem of fraudulent clicks. They put quite an effort into protecting their clients from click scam. Take Google, for example. About a month ago it acquired with the aim of improving efficiency of Google advertising. is a quite successful fraud- fighting company: last year it discovered Chameleon – the botnet that caused 6.2 million advertising dollars to be wasted on bot clicks. Monthly.

Advertisers are the ones who suffer the most in this case. As networks get their profit even with malicious publisher websites, some of them don’t want to invest their time into fighting against click fraud. So how can you recognize the network that actually cares?

Viral Marketing

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From a marketer’s point of view, do you know what the most fascinating part of social media is? It is their capacity to make content go viral and reach thousands or even millions within no time. As a marketer, I have always been curious about social media because of three key reasons:

1. No other tool/method gives you the opportunity to get that closer to your target audience and understand them. Micro-level analysis of target audience, buyer behavior and preference is possible on Social media.

2. Live social interaction with your target audience is possible. You can engage and converse with them and get live feedback. Even if you go for a full-fledged direct survey, the information you generate won’t be that accurate and it would cost you dearly.

3. Finally, they are awesome free tools that have the potential to take your marketing message to your audience rapidly and cost-effectively.

SEO Twitter

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Twitter is one of the few platforms where SEO community remains highly active. You can even find notable SEO celebrities on Twitter (who usually don’t interact with people on other platforms) and interact with them. You can get tips, guidance and opinions from the experts instantly. Overall, Twittering is fun.

It’s also a great way to get in touch with people quickly. We recently conducted an SEO Survey on Twitter and let us tell you, Twitter immensely helped us to carryout and wrap up the survey within a short time. It was so convenient and full of fun.

This month we bring you an exhaustive list of SEO experts who remain active on Twitter. You can follow all of them or selectively follow a few – staying connected with the experts and interacting with them will greatly help you to stay updated about the current trends and also to learn new things.

Grant Simmons, online marketing specialistIt gives us great pleasure to feature our interview with Grant Simmons, a highly experienced online marketing specialist and director of SEO and Social media at The Search Agency, an integrated online marketing agency.

Grant also consults with a number of Internet startups, is active in the SEO community, serves as advisor to local and national organizations. He has over 22 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit communication sectors, and has specialized in strategic planning, technology and project management. He has worked with a range of small, medium and fortune 100 companies, assisted them immensely by taking responsibility for the brand strategy, design, coordination and execution of Intranet, Internet, websites, eCommerce, print collateral, multimedia, marketing events, sales meetings, video production and other result oriented projects.

Grant is also a popular speaker and author for several industry and national publications.

Now, read the interview below to know more about Grant and his thoughts.