Gabriella Sannino, International SEO ConsultantGabriella Sannino is a widely-recognized International SEO consultant. She is the managing partner at Level343, an organic SEO and copywriting company based in San Francisco, California.

Gabriella is also the SEO director at Indelible Branding, an Integrated Marketing agency. She has 20+ years of marketing experience and works closely with several agencies as SEO consultant.

Gabriella has been a contributor to the reputable Search Engine Journal, Moz Blog, Click Fire, Search Engine People and various other online marketing/SEO blogs and resources.

In this interesting interview, Gabriella discusses about Hummingbird Algorithm, Panda 4.0, challenges related to International SEO and more. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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They are some of the most sought after social media thought leaders in the world. They are widely-recognized and are greatly influential on social media. We thought it would be fun to test their intelligence ;) and ofcourse, we knew that the views and insights shared by these experts would be useful to our readers.

We approached these experts and requested them to contribute to this post – everyone had to respond to one social media question sent by us. As expected, we received some amazingly interesting and thought-provoking answers.

Many companies in the boring industries are not active on social media. The big myth that discourages them is that their customers are not social and it’s hard to get them to actively engage on social media.

Contrary to popular belief, businesses of all shapes and sizes can unleash the advantages of social media. In fact, there are thousands of those in boring industries already using it to great effect.

If you’re looking for a way to engage with potential and current customers, raise brand awareness, and increase traffic to your website, the millions of active users on social media could be just the ticket. All it takes is time, energy and some creativity.

Consider these sectors that are currently pulling out all the stops on social media…

Jill Whalen, SEO ExpertAs most of you know, Jill Whalen has been a voice in the SEO industry for more than 18 years. She started practicing SEO in 1993-94, even before the term ‘SEO’ was around. The 20 year long outstanding career came to an end with the announcement of her decision to quit SEO a few months ago. The news rocked the SEO industry and sparked discussions in various SEO communities.

Over a period of 18 years, she consulted with hundreds of clients across more than 40 industries. The company found by her – High Rankings, was one of the pre-eminent SEO companies in the United States.
The Queen of SEO has always been a strong advocate of good SEO practices. As a renowned speaker, trainer and writer she has always preached about the importance of doing good SEO work in order to sustain organic visibility in the long run.

In this interesting interview, Jill Whalen shares some of her insightful views on SEO. We hope you enjoy reading it.