Blogs are great sources of information and knowledge. They provide platforms for like-minded people to exchange their views and share their knowledge with each other. They also enable to building communities that can stay united for the common good. Blogs have played a pivotal role in uniting the online marketing fraternity too.

Thus, our team decided to feature some of the most popular online marketing blogs on TheiMarketingCafe as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the global online marketing community. These blogs have successfully connected with the like minded people and have gathered them to building great online communities over the years.

1. Hubspot Blog

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Hubspot Blog is run by Hubspot, a marketing software company. They undoubtedly have one of the best marketing teams in the world. Hubspot team is highly specialized in inbound marketing and they are widely known for creating awesome e-books. The Hubspot blog is a great source of information related to inbound marketing.

2. Search Engine Land

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If you want to stay updated about the internet marketing industry, this is the right place to stay in touch with. Search Engine Land team brings you the latest news from the internet marketing industry. If you hear rumours about any Google update or data refresh visit Search Engine Land, they are among the very few people who come to know about any news from Google in no time. It is also a great platform where various experts share their knowledge in the form of articles. They publish posts related to a wide range of topics including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Content, Mobile, PPC and more.

3. Moz Blog

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SEO Moz is now Moz. Moz blog is run by Moz, a marketing software company. Moz blog is one of the liveliest Internet marketing communities on internet and my favorite. They are a great team headed by the world renowned Rand Fishkin who generously shares knowledge to the SEO/Internet Marketing community. You can even call Moz blog the encyclopedia of internet marketing.

4. KISSmetrics Marketing Blog

Screenshot of KISSmetrics Blog

The KISSmetrics marketing blog is a quite popular online marketing blog run by Web Analytics Software Company KISSmetrics. They cover a wide range of topics including Analytics, branding, copywriting, ecommerce, infographics, SEO, Social Media, testing, Twitter, launch strategies, Facebook, design, conversion and blogging.

5. Search Engine Journal

Screenshot of Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the oldest online marketing communities on the web. They have a great in-house team of internet marketers who contribute content to this blog. If you need some practical advice related to internet marketing, this is one of the best places where you can get one.

6. Econsultancy Blog

Screenshot of Econsultancy Blog

Econsultancy Blog is a fantastic community of online marketing and ecommerce professionals who contribute content to the blog and it’s also serves as a centre for discussions on a range of topics related to online marketing.

7. Search Engine Roundtable

Screenshot of Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable community rightly describes itself as the pulse of the search marketing community. They track all the forum discussions and publish the best and interesting threads covered at SEM forums. Occasionally Search Engine Roundtable invites guest authors to contribute posts related to search marketing. Staying in touch with Search Engine Roundtable will help you to keep an eye on the hottest topics related to search marketing making rounds on SEM forums.

8. Marketing Land

Screenshot of Marketing Land

Marketing Land as the name suggests is a dedicated site that publishes news and articles related to internet marketing and industry. The site is led by Danny Sullivan who also runs the popular Search Engine Land. Launched recently the site has gained high popularity in no time, thanks to its parent site Search Engine Land.

9. MarketingProfs

Screenshot of MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is one the largest marketing communities on the web whose membership base consists of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional marketers. They have more than 587000 members till date. covers a wide range of online marketing topics including content, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and more.

10. Distilled Blog

Screenshot of Distilled Blog

Distilled blog is run by the famous SEO agency Distilled often recommended by SEOMoz (now Moz) for SEO consultancy. A team of inbound marketing experts contribute content to the blog. You can really gain some good marketing insights from the posts shared by these experienced marketers. The blog covers topics ranging from CRO, mobile, PPC, ORM, SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics and more.

Note: The most important of the many ranking criteria used was the definition of a complete ‘online marketing blog’ thereby we only considered blogs that cover a wide range of online marketing topics and not those that restrict themselves to any particular niche subject say blogging, social media or PPC etc. That’s the reason why many popular blogs like Social Media Examiner, Seth Godin Blog, Mattcutts blog, Mashable, Kaushik Blog, Copy Blogger, Tech Crunch, SEO Book, Problogger, Johnchow , Shoemoney etc which might have made it to the top 10 were not considered. We considered only those which can be purely termed as ‘online marketing blogs’

Apart from this, many ranking parameters including Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Number of backlinks, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, Google+ followers, RSS Subscribers, LinkedIn Followers were considered and compared to compile the final list of top 10 online marketing blogs of 2013.

Disclaimer: TiMC Ranking is purely based on the popularity of the blogs and we do not underestimate the quality of content published on any blog that has not made it to the top 10. There are many other fantastic blogs out there that publish great posts on topics related to online marketing.

By: , editor-in-chief of The iMarketing Cafe