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As a digital marketer and the editor of this blog, I have got the opportunity to be both a publisher and a guest blogger. I strongly believe that the blogging community can thrive by setting high standards for guest blogging instead of discouraging it, a step that would ultimately benefit both the stakeholders – publishers and guest bloggers. I wrote an article last year in favour of guest blogging and guest bloggers and criticized blog owners/publishers who have become averse to guest blogging. Please read that article first to understand the context of this post.

We, at, have always embraced guest bloggers with open arms and have encouraged them to contributeto our blog. We are probably one of the few blogs left in the digital industry with minimum terms and conditions for guest blogging. Our objective is to encourage guest bloggers who genuinely want to contribute great content to our blog and in return we ensure that they get the much deserved space in author bio with links to their websites/blogs as well.

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It’s a known fact that Google’s heavy crackdown on search spam in the recent years led to a drastic change in the SEO industry. Google’s algorithmic penalties in the form of Panda and Penguin and its massive manual penalty drive not only affected the SEO community (largely those who had adopted spammy or questionable practices that violated Google’s guidelines), but also the blogging/publishers’ community.

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Many blogs/content publishing websites had got affected due to Google’s crackdown on spam primarily because they had literally turned into content farms and link suppliers to the SEO community. These blogs needed articles which were contributed by the SEO community and in return the SEOs needed mentions, traffic and links ( primarily links ) – it was a fair deal after all and everything was hunky dory until the crackdown happened – suddenly things changed and the blogging community had become cynical, cautious and averse to guest blogging. Ah, guest blogging, one of the favorite activities of the SEO community came under the scanner – adding fuel to fire, Google had issued specific warnings regarding guest blogging and the misuse of it to gain manipulative links.

What followed after this painful phase is a series of steps taken by the blogging/publishers’ community, some good and some bad – let’s discuss both.

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Writing can be extremely demanding, especially when you are a content writer and you have goals to meet, and numbers to show.

True, writing, just like creative arts, is driven by inspiration which is hard to come by at your beck and call. Despite that, making writing an everyday practice can make it easier to do so.

Highly productive writers live up to the numbers and at the same time don’t compromise on the quality of writing.

With proper planning, strategy and practice, you can easily become a highly productive writer that can drive great results. Here are some tips:

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Quick Introduction: FirstSiteGuide is a platform that offers free resources, guides and help for web newbies. If you are a newbie blogger or someone who is looking forward to start blogging – either as a hobby or to grow your business or you may want to take up blogging as a career – whatever the reason may be – these guys can guide you on how to start and manage a blog successfully. In this post, the FirstSiteGuide team shares 45 useful blogging tips for beginners or newbies.

Here we go –

Each member contributes 5 quick tips. Read on.

Jeet Banerjee, Digital Marketing Consultant Jeet Banerjee is a 23 year-old serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, public speaker and an author. He is also a seasoned blogger who has been writing extensively on Entrepreneurship. Visit to know more about him.

In this post, he answers 10 interesting blogging questions. Here we go..

Blogs are great sources of information and knowledge. They provide platforms for like-minded people to exchange their views and share their knowledge with each other. They also enable to building communities that can stay united for the common good. Blogs have played a pivotal role in uniting the online marketing fraternity too.

Thus, our team decided to feature some of the most popular online marketing blogs on TheiMarketingCafe as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the global online marketing community. These blogs have successfully connected with the like minded people and have gathered them to building great online communities over the years.